Consecration of the Aung Pagoda in Alpujarras (Spain)

The 8th of July of 2013, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, founder and president of the Trikaya Association, consecrated at the community of Beneficio, located in the mountain rage of Alpujarras in Granada (Spain), the Pagoda Aung (success) by him established and located 13 km far away of the Osel Ling Retreat Center.
Within the new pagoda was enshrined a relic of to the Ven, Sariputta, one of the most prominent disciples of the Buddha of this Era, the Gautama Buddha.
On the other hand, the new community of Beneficio has started the procedures for the opening of a Cultural Association, which will give attention to those who wished to reside for some time in the Alpujarras area.
Related to this, every Tuesday is organized a voluntary activity for the reconstruction of the old and only building belonging to this community, where the visitors are suggested to use their time in a useful way and to participate in the collective meals available for the members.
In the same way, at the present, Beneficio is doing the arrangements for being sustainable in the coming years and for sheltering to those who wanted to have the experience of residing in a Tipi.