Recitation of Green Tara at the Community of Beneficio, Granada (Spain)

On June of 2013, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, president of the Trikaya Associaction, started in the premises of the Community of Beneficio, located at the mountain rage of Alpujarras in Granada, 17 km far away from the town of Bubión, the recitation of the Buddhist prayer of Green Tara, which will continue for various months and whose merits of compassion and wisdom are dedicated to the benefit of all sentient beings.
The Saya Kunsal Kassapa undertook this recitation after his arrival to this community, in whose surroundings a German man committed suicide in May.
The Community of Beneficio, established at the end of the 80s in a property acquired for non-profitmaking purposes by members of different nongovernmental organizations, as Rainbow, is established in a valley crossed by various rivers and waterfalls and with great variety of flora and fauna.
In the same way, along the month of June of 2013, the members of Beneficio started the reconstruction of the installations of the Tipi “Big Lounge”, meeting point for residents and visitors, where it is sought to improve the service of the dining-room.