Spirituals Traditionals Centers of Spanish Buddhism

By offering three prostation an a vow of respect to the relics of Buddha and the Ven. Saritputta, on the 5  August 2013, Snake Female Water year, the founder of the Trikaya Association, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, proceded to the official opening of the Centros Espirituales Tradicionales del Budismo Español (C.E.T.B.E) “Spirituals Traditionals Centers of Spanish Buddhims at the town of Orgiva, located on the Alpujarra Granadina.

The Saya Kunsal Kassapa would stablish these Centers after many years of study of the teaching of Buddha Dharma, as he recieved fully in a form of proceedings and transmissions given by the most prominent teachers (Guru´s) indians, tibetans and myanmar of the three vehicles of Buddhism, Theravada, Buddhism Mahayana, popularly and Buddhism Vajrayana known as well as Buddhism Tibetan which is found at the same time within the Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism the Saya Kunsal Kassapa to propagate the content of Buddha Dharma, for such case on 2009 was founded the Trikaya Association, religious entity that promotes the teachings of Buddha, the H.H. Karmapa and the Siddhas of Myanmar.

As soon the Association has as a physical property, Trikaya would be registered as a Foundation to the benefit of the local area as well as for the benefit of all sentient beings. Nevertheless, this entity at the present, registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs with NIF  G65397036,  has a legacy of some images and paintings, as well some unic and unvaluable relics belowing to Buddha  of this time, The Buddha Gautama, and various of his disciples at the same time as the most prominent teachers.

On december of 1999, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa recived these relics from the hand of different Sayadaws (religious teachers) seated on Myanmar, such as Sayadaw Tikkha, Sayadaw Katteti Vara. Since january of the year 2000, these relics had been placed on the city and town of Granollers and Sant Andreu de Llavaneras (Cataluña). As well at the return to Spain on 2010, after several years on  Asia, the founder of Trikaya kept some of the relics of these legacy at the locality of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where the relics they were placed up to Juny 2012.

At the begining of 2013, started in Murcia the tour, “Expo Reliquias”, by Trikaya Association that the Saya Kunsal Kassapa preside, is intented to expose these precious relics at different Cities and towns within the national geography of Spain until the end of 2014, before to place respectfully in some Pagodas that the Saya has projected to built in a very soon future at the Iberic Peninsula, España.

Treated by the Sangha of the Spiritual Traditionals Centers of Spanish Buddhism (C.E.T.B.E), the “Expo Reliquias” would present for first time in España the relics of Buddha, the relics of Ven. Sariputta and the relics of Ven. Mogallana, as well the relics of the Ven. Ananda -assistent of Buddha and the relics of the saint and poet of the X century Milarepa.

Having in consideration the Ordained Sangha, as well the yoguis of the forest tradition, that are residing in España, more specifically at the Pirinees of Lerida and at the Alpujarra Granadina, would be construct the new Aungtawmu Monastery and future headquarters of the Centros Espirituales Tradicionales del Budismo Español (C.E.T.B.E.), that are going to be presided by the Saya Kunsal Kassapa himself.

Saya Kunsal Kassapa
Municipal Market Abastos
Major of Orgiva
Town Cañar
Female Water Snake Year

Nagama Centers

Dear members of Trikaya and friends
Nagama Centers created and developed at the Iberic Peninsula (Spain and Portugal)

The Dharma Centers anounced as Nagama Centers at the section of review of activities had been a focal point of practice and study of great benefit by its participants in particular and by the benefit of all sentient beings in general and today by its visitants.

These focal points are not registered under the Association Trikaya, are merely energetic points were had been created and developed the alchemy workshops done by the alchemy siddhi tradition of Myanmar which I hold and has being reccognized by my friend and eminent teacher Gesar Mukpo Rinpoche as Ati Yoga of the Dzochen tradition.

1. De Shang Gong Center at Zarzalejo lead by Carlos Neri (Practitioner and Consultant of Shiatsu). Presented as the first Alchemy workshop at San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Where happened the phenomena known as Orbis through all the workshop of Alchemy at the garaje/wine cellar. You can ask for photos if you wish.

Today nearly completed the garaje/wine cellar turned into a beatiful hall “De Shang Gong Center” for the practice of meditation and others activities of the social welfare.

2. La Finca, Evora, Portugal. House of Sandra Gonçalves and Victor Rodriguez (ex-Secretary of the European Transpersonal Association and writter) and daugther of both. Presented as Nagama Center where had been evolve the second Alchemy workshop at the Iberic Peninsula.

Today is practiced couching, alchemy and meditation lead by Victor Rodriguez.

3. La Mola, Montardit, Lerida, presented as Nagama Center of the Pallars Sobira which opened the activities of Alchemy at Catalunya. Property coordinated and supervised by Patxi, at the house mill of the XI century and where it ocurred the phenomena of a earthquake level 3 at Montardit and Sort at the end of the first workshop of Alchemy.

Today through the year accommodates machimum 25 visitants for voluntare work whatever may it be your belief.

4. Garden of Murcia, The Garruchal, property rented to Ramon Argudo (practitioner that offer works and treatments on Panca Karma) and her wife Gemma and daugther of both. Place consagrated with the Alchemy workshop of the siddhi tradition of Myanmar and where occurred many different phenomenas including the appearence of an Ovni at the same morning of the clousing of the workshop, the later sorpraise a month later of the final notification by the UNO as the most important place for the Buo Real of all Europa, the ending ceremony and farewell of Saya Kunsal Kassapa by the renowned Mexican Chaman Fabio, and the later put on sale by the owner of the land of 10500 m2.

Today put on sale.

Any contribution physically or economically can be addressed directly to the mentioned centers as Nagama Centers.


Saya Kunal Kassapa
Founder and President of Trikaya Association
1 of Abril 2013
Year Snake Female Water

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