Hospital Metta Aline

Hospital Metta Aline

According to the official data published, Burma is the country with the biggest ratios of blindness in the world. In fact, the predominance rate of this sickness is of 8.1 %, the main part of it registered in the extensive rural area. Among the reasons which cause the more relevant medical set of symptoms are cataracts, standing the 64 % of the cases, glaucoma, with a 17 % of incidence, Trachoma, an infectious illness which represents the 4 % of the registered cases of blindness and that, transmitted by touching, is produced by living in super population conditions, as well as other non verified factors, that represent the remaining 15 %.
One of the main causes of these alarming numbers is the big amount of people who suffer diabetes –more than three millions in all the territorial state−, disease that, as is well known, directly affects the eyes sight. Therefore, despite the medical recommendations, the 44 % of the diabetic patients at Burma don’t visit regularly the facultative ophthalmologists, why the poor eyes sight registered in the rural section, in a 70 % of the cases due to the cataracts cases derived of the high sugar levels in the blood, reach almost the half of the population here settled.
Despite the successive “Programs for Ocular Health” promoted by the sanitary authorities, the hospitals and medical services at Burma still lack of enough technical equipments, as microscopes for undertake certain surgeries. In the same way, the country lacks of the needed human medical teams for facing the existent ophthalmological problems, as, for a population of 54 millions of people, at Burma are available only 200 ophthalmology services, the main part of them established in the two main cities of the country, Yangoon –the capital− and Mandalay. Likewise, the auxiliary medical staff, as nurses and nursing assistants, requires the adequate training for doing the sterilization of the surgical material with guaranties. All this means that, at the present, still more than 600.000 surgeries of cataracts are pending of being done.
In relation with this, it can be emphasized that in Burma the 19 % of the population –more than 10 millions of people− has no access to the conventional sanitary services. This problem is more evident in the rural area, where is detected a bigger rate of infant mortality, whose national rate is of 49 demises by each 1.000 births (in Spain, for instance, by each 1.000 births are registered 3 deceases of children).
Other factors which cause the ophthalmological problems that suffer the Burmese population are the deficiency in Vitamin A, especially serious for the children, the climatic changes produced between the dry season and the rainy period of the monsoon, or the bad hygienic conditions of the population, which has available a more or less guarantee access to the draining system only in the urban sector.

This humanitarian initiative of Trikaya at Burma is focused in the contribution of material help and human assistance to the Hospital “Metta Aline” of Ophthalmology and General Medicine of Pakhokku, in whose original project of construction, promoted by the Burmese NGO “Seik Htar Pkyu Sin”, took part the Saya Kunsal Kassapa. Finally inaugurated in 2010, the hospital is ready for undertaking its first 300 ophthalmological surgeries, each one of which is estimated to have a cost of 30 €. The hospital has plans to practice these surgeries once every year.
The hospital is located at the town of Pakhokku, situated in the district of Magwey, at the High Burma, with a population of 111.000 habitants. It is important to mark that in the area of Magwey there are only 25 hospitals of general medicine, which have available a total of 750 beds for a population of more of 4.000.000 of people.
As the Hospital “Metta Aline” has general services of medicine but also a specialized service of ophthalmology attention, its basic needs are related to economical founds, specific medicines, modern technical instrumental and human teams. In this way, any material contribution or involvement of volunteers ready to render their services at Burma during a certain period of time would be of great value for the medical centre to develop its task in an efficient way.
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and the ONG Seik Htar PkyuSin: www.satanarshins.com


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