First surgeries of eyes at the Hospital “Metta Alein” of Ophthalmology and General Medicine of Burma


From the month of October (December?), the Hospital “Metta Alein” of Ophthalmology and General Medicine, located in the Burmese area of Poko Ku and inaugurated in February of 2010, will perform the first surgeries of eyes to about 200 patients of the region without enough economic resources.

The hospital, coordinated by a NGO established at Burma, received from its beginning the support of the founder of Trikaya, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, who was part of the construction project of the installations. At first, these surgeries were planned for the month of September, but, because the demand of patients, has been postponed until the next December.

Having in consideration the extreme climatic conditions, especially during the summer season, at Burma are common the diseases and illness related to the eyes, worsened by the inclination of the population towards the reading (reason why the country has been never considered as part of the Third World). The increase of the number of petitions on the part of the affected persons has made that the surgeries were postponed until reunite the necessary conditions for being made free of cost and with all the necessary means.

At the present, the hospital has available an optimum technical equipment and human team, although open its doors for those doctors o volunteers who could want to offer their professional experience at the hospital itself during a certain period of time o who could give their support trough medical material or donations. For more information, you can address to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it