Presentation of the book “Prodigios de los yoguis de Birmania” in “Casa del Libro”at Madrid.

Casa-del-LibroOn the 27th of April of 2012, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa carried out the presentation of his book “Prodigios de los yoguis de Birmania” in Casa del Libro located in the street Fuencarral, at Madrid. During the event, the Saya spoke about his experience with the Alchemy Siddha of Burma, country where he resided as a monk during seven years, pointing out the impact that the Buddhist teachings of these masters have had in the Burmese society throughout the time. The founder of Trikaya also remarked his compromise to continue with the alchemy tradition in Spain, developing workshops of Alchemy in which the practitioners can create their own Dhatlon or philosopher stone (see “Activities”).