Publications at Cuadernos del Budismo

Soon before puting online Trikaya, was published at the Spanish  quarterly magazine Cuadernos del Budismo, copy number 69 of summer, an article with the title La Enseñanza Mahamudra en el Monasterio Sherab Ling (The Mahamudra Teaching at the Sherab Ling Monastery). In this article there were mentioned the activities developed at the monastery by His Eminence the XII Tai Situpa Rinpoche in the last years.

In one part, the text was pointing out the participation of more than 200 practitioners from all over the world in the Mahamudra Course, which was hold in the month of April, based on the text of the IX Gyalwa Karmapa The Ocean of Certainty. This course was initiated in the year 2005 and it will end on the year 2011.

Also, the article was referring the returning to the IV Jamgon Kongtrul, of eleven years of age, of the Five Treasures of Knowledge, compiled by the first Jamgon Kongtrul and this took place in the months of October and November of the year 2009. This was the last year of these transmissions, started in 2006. Thanks to these transmissions the Tibetan Buddhism or Vajrayana has been preserved through many generations. At the conclusion of them, His Eminence the XII Tai Situpa Rinpoche asked to the IV Jamgon Kongtrul to confer these transmissions in ten occasions through out his life.