The Legacy of Naropa

Cuadernos-del-Budismo2Due to the incresing interest in the practice of Dharma, Trikaya published in the copy nº 73, corresponding to the summer of 2010, of the Spanish quarterly magazine Cuadernos del Budismo, an article titled El Legado de Naropa (The Legacy of Naropa). In it is given a detailed description of the life and achivements of the Indian master Naropa, of the XI Century, whose life and teachings marked the end of a long tradition of yoguis.
The article makes mention, in one hand, to the teachings that Naropa received from his master Tilopa, along with who he lived during twelve years, and on the other hand, to the basic essence of the contribution of the Indian Yogui. This aportation is related to a combination of trantic practices that later were known as the “Six Yogas of Naropa” and which were also spread by Niguma, who was Naropa’s wife for eight years.