Spiritual Traditional Centers of Spanish Buddhism

According to Buddhist belief, many spiritually evolved beings appear regularly in the world. These highly realized beings take rebirth selflessly with the definite objective of serving humanity through compassion and generous deeds. In Tibetan culture, these extraordinary beings are known as Tulkus. A fine illustration of some of their activities is recounted here, in the lives of the teachers presented through the Web page of Trikaya Association, holder of the Spiritual Traditional Centers of Spanish Buddhism (C.E.T.B.E.).
In Tibet, the life stories of eminent lamas are frequently told and read with much enthusiasm. It is as if one was receiving initiation from the exalted masters themselves. They are believed to be excellent stimuli for prompting inner awakening and serve as unfailing inspiration for the development of limitless good qualities.

It is hoped that through the reading of these remarkable deeds, one may experience an inexhaustible wealth of peace and happiness, and find encouragement to transverse the various paths and stages leading rapidly to supreme realization.
Experience as such, was said to be immeasurable, inconceivable and inexpressible, except the experience had through the vigorous practice of Bodhiçitta and guru-devotion, which is transmitted only from ear-to-ear, and heart-to-heart!

Recommended Books


The Alchemy is one of the most extraordinary and singular spiritual sciences existing, a science able to unite individuals of different temperament and trajectory, apart from their personal beliefs and of their origin and condition.

Traditionally, the Alchemy wants to attain the transmutation of the metals into gold and the searching for the “panacea”, a remedy able to heal all the physical illness and to prolong life, above the fruits of spiritual nature.

However, the true secret and symbolic sense of Alchemy goes beyond the physical plane, linking instead to the transcendental plane, because, as is held by the Burmese alchemists, its goal is focused in the purification and transformation of the mental imperfections for the attainment of the inner realization. In fact, to attain the enlightenment constitutes the true purpose pursued by the genuine alchemists who, in their work with the fusion of the metal on the fire, search for the annihilation of their ignorance and for the conquering of the supreme wisdom.

Manual de Introducción a la Alquimia Budista
Author: Saya Kunsal Kassapa
Editorial E.L.A.
Number  of pages: 70
Price: 13 €
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rikiManual of Reiki (Manual of Reiki), in Spanish language, is the second of the five books which integrate the Collection “The Three Bodies of Buddha”, written by the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, founder of the Trikaya Association.
The term Reiki (etymologically, Rei translated as universal force and Ki energy of life) makes reference to the natural force that injects life to all what exists. In the case of the human beings, the adequate management of this latent power is directed towards the attainment of the balance of the inner energy, reestablishing the harmony of the physic organs of the body, as well as of the mental activity and of the spiritual development.
This Manual ode Reiki familiarizes to all those interested in the healing energy intrinsic in the human being, as well as to who are already initiated in it, with this discipline for gaining the rebalance of the physical, mental and spiritual levels of the individual.
It presents the origin and the theoretical principles of this practice ant there are detailed in a comprehensible way their different levels of application, including details about the technique of the imposition of hands for the treatment of sickness of different consideration which affect to the practitioner himself or herself and to all the beings in his o her environment.
The Reiki, because Its practical character, constitutes an excellent therapeutic complement for the medical professionals.
Manual de Reiki (Manual of Reiki), available in Spanish language.
Author: Saya Kunsal Kassapa
Editorial: E.L.A.
Pages: 80
Prize: 13 €
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Heart-Advise-of-the-Karmapa-fotoHeart Advise of the Karmpa. The enlightened individuals known as Karmapas have taught Buddhism in Tibet for nearly 900 years. Now to mark the occasion of his first visit to America, Heart Advice of the Karmapa presents some of the insight and wisdom of the 17th Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, for the benefit of beings around the globe. Through dharma talks, interviews, poetry, and song, this youthful master offers timely teachings on an array of topics: appreciating the environment, applying loving-kindness and compassion, understanding karma, and enjoying harmony with other religious traditions. A selection of songs, essays, and poems of previous Karmapas is also included in this collection, providing a small glimpse into the rich legacy of these living Buddhas throughout the centuries. Heart Advice of the Karmapa celebrates the beginning of the 17th Karmapa's active presence in the West. May it contribute to the flourishing of this enlightened activity throughout the world.



Heart Advice of the Karmapa
Author: The XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinely Dorje
Publisher: Altruim press

formeskampraThe book Former lives of Karmapas contents wondrous tales from the former lives of the Karmapa, the head of the Kagyu Lineage sect of Tibetan Buddhism.
The Fifteenth Karmapa once told Khyentse Rinpoche about ten former lives, mainly in other time-space dimensions, in a series of stories now known as Sakarchupa.
Later, when the Sixteenth Karmapa was eight years old, he told many a story of his previous lives to one of his gurus, Gongkar Pandita, who carefully kept in writing the nectar of the young Karmapa's words. However, when His Holiness had to leave Tibet, Gongkar Pandita was himself unable to escape and his precious records were no longer available. In 1976, His Holiness and his party were driving through Himachal Pradesh through a place called, by Tibetans, Dzalendara. It was raining very slightly and the peacocks were singing softly. His Holiness had the car stopped and said to his attendents, "I have come back to my motherland." He then told the following wondrous story…


Fomer lives of the Karmapas
132 Pages
Author: The Karmapa and translated by Katia Holmes
Publisher: Dzalendara
Price: £12´95
Available at Wisdom Publicationsi

kagyu_monlam_lgKagyu Monlam Book Like the light of the sun, moon, and stars, may love, compassion, and wisdom shine forth. May they strike every single living being and dispel the darkness of ignorance, attachment, and hatred that has lurked for ages in their being. When any living being meets with another, may it be like the reunion of a mother and child who have long been separated. In a harmonious world such as this, may I see everyone sleep peacefully to the music of nonviolence. This is my dream. --- From the Foreword by Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje The Kagyu Monlam


Book: A Compilation for Recitation,
Spiral Bound, 288 Pages.
Composed by H.H. 17th Karmapa, for the annual Monlam in Bodhgaya, India.
Tibetan Buddhist prayers, with the Tibetan, English and transliteration.


Manual de Introducción a la Meditación (Manual of Introduction to Meditation), in Spanish language, is the first of the five books included in the Collection “The Three Bodies of Buddha”, written by the Saya Kusnal Kassapa, founder of the Trikaya Association. This manual represents a mere glimpse of the teachings imparted by the Buddha himself for the development of the Inner Self. In this way, the instructions in it presented constitute an indispensable tool to balance the different temperaments, leading through the constant practice of various meditative exercises towards the timing of the mind for this to attain tranquility. Therefore, the committed practitioner can acquire enough level of mental clarity and sharpness which allows him or her to obtain a glimpse of his or her true Self.




Manual de Introducción a la Meditación (Manual of Introduction to Meditation), available in Spanish language.
Author: Saya Kunsal Kassapa
Publisher: E.L.A
Number of pages: 70
Price: 12 Euros
For ordering the book contact with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it o This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . The cost of the book by post does not include the expenses of the sending, which it will specify in its due time.


The book Awakening the Sleeping Buddha, written by His Eminence the XII Tai Situpa Rinpoche, one of the most known teachers of the present Buddhism, is a perfect manual of meditation, either for novels, either for persons with more experience in Buddhism.

In the Awakening the Sleeping Buddha, the author empathize the more practical aspects of Buddhism, expounding the teachings with a common sense not very usual. In fact, this work is a simple and direct approach to the basic and more comprehensible fundaments of the Tibetan Buddhism or Vajrayana, providing to the practitioners already committed and to the general public access to topics such as the enlightenment, the reincarnation or the karma.


The book Old Path Wihte Clouds, written by Tich Nath Hand and addressed to the Sangha members as well to all interesed in deepening in the origins of the Buddhism, narrates the extraordinary life of Prince Siddharta, who after an ardous path of inquiry, difficulties and experiences become the Buda of this age. Besides detailing with simplicity and with a reflexive spirit the more relevant events of the biography of Buda, fundamentaly taken from the Pali texts Nikaya and the Chineses texts Agamas, the book Old Path White Clouds includes some of the original and fundamental teachings of Buda, among which figure the ones related to the emptiness, to the six principles for harmony or to the seven practices of reconciliation, all of which can be considered by the comunities of any belief. Likewise, in the text stand out the words of Buda about some of his main disciples, such as Sariputta or Mahakassapa, to whom he praised as Bodhisattvas, such as Yasodhara, who was the wife of Prince Siddharta, or such as Ananda, the assistant of Buda and who, due to his amazing memory, was the one in charge of the oral transmission of the teachings that his master spread through discourses and oratories.


Old Path White Clouds
600 Pages
Author: Thich Nath Hanh
Published by Parallax Press
Price: 29´95 $

libro232In their book Great Disciples of Buda, the writters Nyanaponika Thera and Hellmuch Hecker approach to the life, work and legacy of twenty four of the most remarcable disciples of Buda, among which figure Shariputta, Mahamoggallana, Mahakassapa, Ananda, Anuruddha, Angulimala and Visakha. Based on the content of the Sutras belonging to diferent Pali sources, the account of the biographic episodics appears for the first time recopilated in a single volume, in which stands out the rythm of the narration and the richness of nuances of the different characters. Therefotre, besides giving unknown details about the exemplary life of each one of the acolytes of Buda, this book contributes to light out with a bigger depth the biography of the Full Enligthened One, allowing to deep in the Buddhist doctrine and in the knowlegde which this contains.




Great Disciples of Buda
456 Pages
Author Nyanaponika Thera and Hellmuch Hecker
Published by Wisdom Publications
Price: 18´95 $


The booklet Environment Guidelines wrote by His Holiness the XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje and translated into several languages, offers a detailed information about the present environment panorama and the problems to it related, especially those concerning to the Himalaya region. The text also gives measures and suggestions accessible for all, but specifically directed towards the monastic community and the environment experts, to create awareness towards the protection of the Nature.
Among the contents included on its five sections are relevant those related to the destruction of the forests in India and the Tibet region, to the threats concerning the water resources, to the protection of the wildlife, to the necessity of a right waste management and to the severe consequences of the global warming of the Earth and the clime change which this warming brings. In this sense, the XVII Karmapa recognizes the responsibility of some monasteries in the uncontrolled cutting down of trees to be sold as timber, practice that the leader of the Kagyu  Lineage condemn and ask to be stopped.Presentacion-libro-medioambiente
Likewise, the text emphasize the necessity to adopt measures for the protection of the Himalayan glaciers and rivers, which constitute the source of water for millions of inhabitants that reside in Asia, basically in Pakistan, China, India, Nepal or Myanmar. Together with it, another object of concern for His Holiness is referred to the protection of the indigenous fauna, threatened by the furtive hunting for the leather selling, practice also reported by the Dalai Lama.
Trikaya facilitates to those who ask for it a copy in pdf of the booklet in English “Environment Guidelines”, of His Holiness the XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje. For that, you can contact with This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it specifying the petition booklet Environment Guidelines. Also, the ones interested can found this booklet on the Web page:, in which also can be seen the projects about environment promoted by His Holiness the XVII Karmapa in the Himalaya region.

The-future-is-nowThe Future is Now is the first work wrote by the    XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje , who, together with the Dalai Lama, is one of the most relevant figures of the  Vajrayana  Buddhism and spiritual head of the  Kagyu Lineage. This book contains 108 quotes of His Holiness, that, covered with an deep meaning, enriched by each image that accompany them, offer a universal, as well as individual, advertence, always in use. In The Future is Now, the XVII Karmapa reflects on the social values, the religious tolerance, the freedom, the protection of the environment, the personal responsibility or the world peace. Its simple and practical exposition of these principles is presented with a unique Buddhist perspective, accessible for all kind of readers. At the same time, this set of inspired sayings leads s to review our compassionate motivation, bodhiçitta, to trust our own intelligence and to recognize our faults. With it, the book provides a vivid access to the inner knowledge of each one at the time to confront the daily challenges.


The Future is Now
256 Pages
Published by Hay House
Price: 19´95€
Wonders of Mebegon Village
The four Buddhas: Kokathangon, Gonagon, Kassapa, and Gotama Buddha had already appeared in this universe and their life spans were forty thousand years, thirty thousand years, twenty thousand years and eighty years respectively. As the life span of Gotama Buddha was very short, the period of Buddha's teaching will prevail for five thousand years after Buddha's demise, and it is said that the Devas (celestial beings) and Wizzars (Siddhas) had to look after the Buddha's teaching. At the end of this five thousand year period, the remains of Lord Buddha from all different places of the Universe will collect together and form a Nimmita Buddha (Radiant Buddha) at the top of the Gandamadana Mountain, where the Blessed One will manifest light and give teaching for seven days. The place will be accessible only to Devas (celestial beings) and Wizzars (Siddhas) and those supernatural beings with power, as our Venerable Wizzar Sayadaws, whose intent to terminate their existence after paying homage with due respect to the Radiant Buddha, where at that very moment many and various supernatural beings will attain nibbana as Arahats.

Up to the Second World War, we had no chance of seeing Wizzars (Siddhas) who showed us their supernatural power, who with no doubt were present always as is mentioned in Buddhist literature, such as the Wizzar Wimala, although people could not approach him personally. They paid homage to him and even had images of him in their houses, where offerings where presented. Familiar to Myanmar people are the names of Bo Bo Aung, Bo Mingaung, Yetkan Sintaung Sayadaw, Shimati Sayadaw, Ashin Itzagona Sayadaw, all of whom were Wizzars (Siddhas) and well known accomplished Masters all over Myanmar, but they were concealed by orthodox Theravada practitioners..

It was only in the year 1952 A.D. that the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaws U. Kowida, U. Pandita, U. Uttamakyaw and Botaw Bo Htun Aung appeared in front of the public and showed their supernatural powers (siddhi's), giving the Buddha's teaching to the benefit of mankind. They came from Nagama Mountain of Western Yoma Range, over fifty miles away from Shwesattaw, where the Foot Print of the Lord Buddha can be found. As a Wizzar (Siddhas) they are busy with their meditation and honor us only for a few hours. Therefore Maung Htun Yin, later Sanathar Sayadaw U. Tillaw Keinda, were forced to communicate mentally as well to be Dhatsii through the Wizzars Sayadaw in order to perform the tasks given to them. It has been over 54 years since the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaws appeared, usually at night, and Sanathar Sayadaw U. Tillaw Keinda has been taking their place occasionally.

Nowadays science is very much advanced, and as Wizzars (Siddhas) appear with different siddhi's (powers), it looks as if a competition is going on. Scientific development can be measured as it belongs to matter, but it as impossible to access the power (siddhi's) of the Wizzars (Siddhas) because they are concerned with the mental and spiritual process. It was clearly seen with our own eyes that Wizzars (Siddhas) appeared and disappeared in front of us. Sitting in the air, giving various kinds of fruits and materials from nowhere, holding a red hot burning iron ball, walking on water, appearing through the earth, etc. It was to the benefit of the Buddha's teaching and we were very pleased at such wonders. As a medical doctor, I was interested only in science and had not seen a Wizzar (Siddha) before. However, I have read the literature of Wizzars (Siddhas) written by the Most Venerable Ledi Sayadaw.

I was invited by the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaws U. Pandita and U. Uttamakyaw to go to Mebegon Village to participate in the transformation by fire process and extension of life of U. Pandita, who requested me to take part and which was successfully accomplished. Later, I was also involved in the transformation by fire process of the Wizzar U. Uttamakyaw and the Head Master of Nagama Mountan, the Wizzar Sayadaw U. Kowida. After the long life transformation by fire process of the Wizzardo (Siddha) Sayadaw U. Kowida, his sitting in the fire was recorded on video tape. Many became disciples of the Sayadaw's in order to purify their mind under the guidance of the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaws, including monks and lay devotees.

The publication of the Biography and activities of the Wizzar Sayadaws in English, was wished well by the Head Master Sayadaw U. Kowida, who assigned the duty to Venerable Karma Kunsal Kassapa, from Spain. This has been accomplished by the Venerable Karma Kunsal Kassapa's efforts, despite the many inconveniences that he has had to face during this laborious task, which required his level best within an orthodox Theravada Buddhism surrounding, and in an area which at that time was forbidden to foreigners.

Today, I am more than happy that we have succeeded in presenting in English the life and activities of my own Masters, as narrated by the Wizzar (Siddha) Sayadaws at Mebegon village and instructed by the Head Master of Nagama Mountain, the Wizzardo (Siddha) Sayadaw U. Kowida, to the benefit for mankind.

Foreword by Dr. Sein Yi
M.B.B.S (Ygn) D.P.& D.M.(Ygn)
F.R.S.H. (Ldn) D.T.C.M (Chn)
Rtd General Director of Health (Myanmar)