Spiritual Traditional Centers of Spanish Buddhism

According to Buddhist belief, many spiritually evolved beings appear regularly in the world. These highly realized beings take rebirth selflessly with the definite objective of serving humanity through compassion and generous deeds. In Tibetan culture, these extraordinary beings are known as Tulkus. A fine illustration of some of their activities is recounted here, in the lives of the teachers presented through the Web page of Trikaya Association, holder of the Spiritual Traditional Centers of Spanish Buddhism (C.E.T.B.E.).
In Tibet, the life stories of eminent lamas are frequently told and read with much enthusiasm. It is as if one was receiving initiation from the exalted masters themselves. They are believed to be excellent stimuli for prompting inner awakening and serve as unfailing inspiration for the development of limitless good qualities.

It is hoped that through the reading of these remarkable deeds, one may experience an inexhaustible wealth of peace and happiness, and find encouragement to transverse the various paths and stages leading rapidly to supreme realization.
Experience as such, was said to be immeasurable, inconceivable and inexpressible, except the experience had through the vigorous practice of Bodhiçitta and guru-devotion, which is transmitted only from ear-to-ear, and heart-to-heart!

The-future-is-nowThe Future is Now is the first work wrote by the    XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinley Dorje , who, together with the Dalai Lama, is one of the most relevant figures of the  Vajrayana  Buddhism and spiritual head of the  Kagyu Lineage. This book contains 108 quotes of His Holiness, that, covered with an deep meaning, enriched by each image that accompany them, offer a universal, as well as individual, advertence, always in use. In The Future is Now, the XVII Karmapa reflects on the social values, the religious tolerance, the freedom, the protection of the environment, the personal responsibility or the world peace. Its simple and practical exposition of these principles is presented with a unique Buddhist perspective, accessible for all kind of readers. At the same time, this set of inspired sayings leads s to review our compassionate motivation, bodhiçitta, to trust our own intelligence and to recognize our faults. With it, the book provides a vivid access to the inner knowledge of each one at the time to confront the daily challenges.


The Future is Now
256 Pages
Published by Hay House
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