“Blow Horn” is a film in Spanish, filmed by the Catalan director Lluis Miñarro. A journey to the inner space made by a group of Buddhist practitioners who visit the Serab Ling Monastery in India. We share their experiences and penetrate into a path of silence and emptiness. As in a Mandala, once built a cardinal structure, this vanished itself. Great part of the Buddhist iconography is based in the color and in the idea of circularity, which could match with the Cinema. “Blow Horn” is a journey to India which contents the spiritual essence of Buddhism and which ends in abstraction. A visual meditation.

During the film makes their apparition Tai Situpa Rinpoche, Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche, Lama Jinpa Gyamtso, Lama Londru and the Saya Kunsal Kassapa.

Trailer of the film Blow Horn
Title: Blow Horn
Language: Spanish
Duration: 75 minutes
Film director: Lluis Miñarro
Photography director: Christofpher Farnarie
Screen director: Marcos Flórez y Antoni Pinent
Production: Eddie Saeta
Dealer agent: Karma Films