DVDpackDVD- Pack India Millenary (Ayurveda, Blow Horn, Un Buda)

Director : Pan Nalin ,  Lluís Miñarro ,  Diego Rafecas
Actors : Agustín Markert ,  Carolina Fal ,  Diego Rafecas
Distribution : KARMA FILMS
Number of DVD: 3


Blow Horn
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Ayurveda: The art of living. Filmed by the director of Samsara, Pam Nalin, Ayurveda is a fascinating trip in search of one of the millenarian medicines of the world. Ayurveda is the name of the science of life and the art of healing, the place where body, mind and spirit have equal importance.
In this trip of thousands of kilometers through India, Europe and the United States we found important doctors or simple villagers who live in harmony with Nature and accordingly with the Ayurvedic principles in the global age of internet, the nuclear energy, etc,.
Blow Horn: The life of Knowledge through meditation. A trip to the inner space.
A group of Buddhist practitioners travel to Sherab Ling Monastery in India. We share their experiences and go in to a path of silence and emptiness. As in a Mandala, once constructed a cardinal structure, this gets dissolve. An extended part of the Buddhist iconography is based on the color and the idea of circularity. The Buddhist philosophy has a quality of rituality and kinetic movement that can match with the Cinematographic Art. 
A visual meditation
Lluis Miñarro (Barcelona 1949) developed his professional career in the publicity sector in order to devote his life since 1995 in the cinematography production of his own firm, Eddie Saeta, where he has firmly compromised himself towards the author cinema (Guerin, Recha, Serra…) He was critic cinematographer in the magazine “Destino” and y Director by and cofounder of the club cinemas “Arts” and “Mirador”. He has also been a judge on numerous festivals and speaker on different universities and cinema houses.
At the present is a member of the European Film Academy, The Spanish Art and Cinematography Science Academy and the Catalan Cinematography Producers, among others associations.
Un Buda: In the beginning, the good teaching is bitter, as the good medicine. Un Buda is the history of a young man who, immersed in the world of the big city, strives for systematically avoiding and postponing his particular and deep spiritual hunger, the desperate longing of his Self for knowing who he is.  Unavoidably, the loss, the disillusion and the tragedy in a strange way immerse him into an abysm of ascetic spiritual practices, completely sacrificing his own life, his environment and  his feeding, and deeply stroking in the world of those persons around him.
He weak up in a different reality, travel to a Zen temple at the mountains of Cordoba in search of his master. He meets him, but not everything is as he thought…
Diego Rafecas begins his studies on acting with Cristina Banegas at the age of 17. Two years later, he gives his first steps as an actor, being called and directed by Banegas in the theater  play of Griselda Gambaro. He also course the Philosophy Degree at the UBA. At the same time, he started his studies in the Zen Monk practice with the master Staphane Kosen Thibaut, inheritor of the Dharma of the great Japanese master Taisen Deshimaru.
He is founder of the transnational Firm “Raf-Kaz Gallery” (Art Galleries at Tibet, Africa, Thailand, Nepal and India), at the present with branches at Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile and Miami.
In September of 2003 he founds Zazen Productions S.A. with the intense motivation of producing and realizing fiction histories, specializing himself in the creation of contents able to express and show human values.

Price: 14´95 €
Available in shops and Book stores.