Conference by the Saya Kunsal Kassapa at Murcia (Spain)

On the 14th of November of 2012, the founder of Trikaya, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, imparted at Murcia (Spain) the first conference on the Alchemy tradition of the Siddha masters of Myanmar. The event took place at the home of Dr. Fabio, born in Mexico, and Dr. Rosalina, of Spanish nationality, whose ancestors were settled in this Spanish city.
During the two hours which lasted the conference, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa could present the linage of the alchemist Siddhas of Burma, relating their inner attainments and their extraordinary practices, mentioned in various books, as the one of “Wonders of Mebegon Village”, wrote by the founder of Trikaya himself. At the end of the speech, those present had the chance to participate in a round of questions and answers, in which they could clarify their doubts.
Coinciding with this first meeting, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa accepted the invitation from Dr. Fabio to organize an Alchemy workshop at Mexico at the end of 2013.