Consagration of a Ven Sariputta relic at the buddhist center El Molino, Evora (Portugal)

During his first visit at Portugal in June of 2011, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa visit in Evora the Buddhist center El Molino, blessed by Myingur Rinpoche y Jigme Rinpoche and located in the old Molino of wind, gave by the town council of such locality towards the spiritual practice. In such occasion the founder of Trikaya placed a relic of the Ven Arahat Sariputta, one of the Head Disciples of Buddha, towards the benefit of the population of Evora and the pilgrims that wish to pay homage. The 5 of august of 2011, the founder of Trikaya consagrated the Ven Sariputta relic at same center El Molino, recently renovated, where also imparted some teachings and was recited the Sutra of Loving-Kindness.