Exhibition of photographs (Life an Buddhist Culture in Birmania”) at San Lorenzo de El Escorial

During all the month of December of 2011, the Trikaya Association displayed the first exhibition of photographs in the favor of the Burmese people, called “Life and Buddhist Culture in Birmania”. The collection of founds got with this exhibition, which included 14 photographs, was aim for the assistance to the “Matta Aline” Hospital of Ophtalmology and General Medicine of Pakkokhu (Burma), as well as to the project of construction of six water wells in areas without supply of that country.
In this occasion, the exhibition took place at the Post Office of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, where there could be seen, among others, images from the Shwedagon Pagoda, located at the city of Yangon and which contains the eight hairs that the Buddha Himself gave to two Burmese merchants after attaining the full enlightenment, or from the Abbot of the Aungtawmu Monastery, the Sayadaw (religious master) Sanathar, holder of the Siddha tradition of the Alchemy and Siddha of medicine, cabalistic diagrams and of the Supreme Siddhi of the Enlightenment.
The exhibition was presided over by the directress of the Post Office, Pilar López Núñez, who the 2nd of September of 2011 celebrated in Nepal the attainment of the Paranirvana of His Holisness Trulshik Rinpoche, who was designed head of the Nyigmapa tradition in 2010, whose  cremation she attended.

Expo-correos-foto-1Cuerpo-reliquia de Trulshik Rinpoche