First alchemy workshop at the Camp del Remei, La Bisbal (Gerona)

The days 6th, 7th, and 8th of December of 2012, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, president of the Trikaya Association, imparted the first alchemy workshop at the locality of La Bisbal (Gerona), worldly known because its large pottery tradition and because the castle which the celebrated Catalan painter Salvador Dali wanted to buy there.
In a retreat atmosphere and in a peaceful environment of introspection, those who, by their accumulation of merit, had the chance to participate in the event could practice and acquire the millenarian knowledge of the Alchemy, inherited from the Siddha masters of Burma.
The workshop, which took place at the Camp del Remei, started with the offering of prayers flags for the auspicious of its development and, during the three days that it lasted, the altar installed for the occasion, where were held meditations and prayers for the benefice of all sentient beings, was uninterruptedly paid attention.
In the same way, the practitioners had the chance to create and develop their own Dhatlon (philosopher stone), which they could work on the sacred fire (grail) in three occasions. The last day of the event, they received theoretical teachings at the propitious hall of Can Toronja, which along the year will shelter the relics of the Buddha and some of his disciples which are in possession of the Saya Kunsal Kassapa.
Each participant took with him the created Dhatlon and the book “Wonders of Mebegon Village”, written by the founder of Trikaya.