First Alchemy Workshop at the Pallars Sobira (Spain)

In the month of June of 2012, the Saya Kunsal kassapa, founder of the Trikaya Association, held in the region of Pallars Sobira (Spain) the first Alchemy Workshop imparted at Cataluña. Among the participants at the workshop was the reputed Taichi and Chi Kung Italian master Enrico Mori.
Along the workshop, which lasted for three days, those present created a Dhatlon (philosopher stone) working with the bellow during different occasions, and received the correspondent meditative teachings. In the same way, the participants had the chance to know the region of the Pallars Sobira, the biggest of Cataluña and the one with lesser population per km2, known because its gastronomic richness and for the extended practice of the natural medicine in its territory.
A day before this first alchemist meeting at the Pallars Sobira, the earth crushed when the Saya Kunsal Kassapa was in meditation at the Treso’s Bordas (a typical kind of Spanish construction). In the same way, at the conclusion of the Alchemy Workshop, those presents were surprised by the earthquake of 3rd degree in the Ritcher’ Scale registered at Sort, the capital of the region.