From the 3rd to the 7th of August 2011, Second Workshop on Alchemy at the Nagama Centre, Evora (Portugal)

In this second Workshop on Alchemy imparted by the founder of Trikaya, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, at the Nagama Centre of Evora (Portugal), hold in a environment of retreat and harmony from the 3rd to the 7thof August of 2011, each one of the participants created and developed a Dhatlon (philosopher stone) with which they worked their mental impurities. Likewise, the devoted participants who created a Dhatlon during the first workshop celebrated in June had the opportunity of put it again on the fire during a deep meditative practice.

In the course of the workshop, it was also shown a film about the Alchemist Siddha Kowida undergoing the practice of the transformation by fire for the longevity, which had place in 1996 in the Aungtawmu Monastery at Mebegon Village (Myanmar). Each evening, it was recited the Loving Kindness Sutra (Metta Sutra) for the benefit of all beings.

During the workshop, there was also an exchange of proposals made by the participants for the development of the activities of the Nagama Centre of Evora, which will be open for three consecutive days, each full moon and each new moon days, for the practice of Alchemy.