The 100º Birthday of Uncle Sherap at Samye Ling Monastery

Trikaya shares with joy the 100º anniversary of Palden Beru, also known as Uncle Sherap, who, with his deep wisdom from which many have been benefited, has given his life to the Dharma, being also a tireless promoter of the Tibetan Art and author of traditional paintings and popular narrations. For those who don’t know him yet, Palden Beru is responsible of the architectonic beauty of the Samye Ling Monastery, which he himself built at Scotland together with Akong Rinpoche and whose interior he decorated with exquisite paintings, sculptures and designs. Therefore, whit the occasion of his 100º anniversary, the Saya Kunsal Kassapa, in the name of the Trikaya Association which he founded, pays his homage to Uncle Sherap, wishing him a healthy and happy year.