Saya Kunsal Kassapa


Saya Kunsal Kassapa was born Joan Martínez Montsant in Granollers (Barcelona) in 1968. Ever since his birth, astrologers couldn’t believe what they saw reflected in his astral chart and for years just lingered, erroneously, on what might happen.

First years

From 1971, at an early age, he attended kindergarten in Granollers, where he recalls, among other things, the shame of what happened when he tore his trousers in the rubbish during the birthday celebration of his nursery companion, whose Frigo family ran the house.

Between 6 and 14 years of age he was in the Escorts, a mountain hiker entity and a very popular centre still running to this day in Catalonia. The Hiking Centre of Granollers was directed by his uncle Enric Montsant Damia, now a famous composer and traditional Catalan musician and founder of the popular traditional music group "Xerop of Canya" and the "Banda d'en Vinaixa ".

He studied EGB in the General Basic School Bell-lloc, Cardedeu, where the first champion national baseball team came from (Saya Kunsal Kassapa played as a pitcher). This team had a Cuban coach and instructor in Cayetano, who carried out the work of maintaining and enacting the sport in the Bell-lloch. Today this is presented as the Bell-lloch Parc and in the town of Mollet del Valles where the Bell-lloch team was moved before being proclaimed national baseball team at the city of Zaragoza.  Peculiarly in the countryside where the Mollet team trained and played, a dolmen was found at its ground dating from Neanderthal times and which today is exhibited in the city museum.

At the age of 12, Saya Kunsal Kassapa underwent surgery on the patella, a circumstance that forced him to be removed from sports and school activities during the 6th grade, which was repeated. He left Bell-lloch the end 7th grade to move to Collell, an interim Diocesan school led by the priest Jaume Reixac and supervised by the archdiocese of Gerona under the direction of the Vatican in Rome, at that time presided over by the Papa John Paul II, where Saya Kunsal Kassapa chose to finish the EGB. He remained there until 1986, when he was 18 years old. His joint was still injured, and before surgery, he chose to climb the Mulacen with the group of hiker escorts at Granollers. In 1980 he was at the Alpujarra of Granada at the age of 12. This was the same area where, in May 2013, he returned to establish the Traditional Spiritual Centres for Spanish Buddhism and promote and disseminate the Arya Siddhi Centres.

Sports activity

-A pioneer since 1988, he specialised in mountain sports with the company Aventur in the town of Sort, in the Lleida Pyrenees, and was a logistics partner in the first expedition company in Venezuela. During his stay in Sort, there were many lucky people who became millionaires through the Golden Witch lottery, owned by Xavier Gabriel, who also ran the company Aventur and is today the company that takes tourists out of the stratosphere since September 2013.

–Qualified River Guide − Rafting, Kayak, Hydrospeed – since 1990.

–Ravines Guide since 1988.

–Mountain guide between 1990 and 1994.

–Paragliding Instructor in 1990.

-Ski Monitor in the Super Spot and Port Aine stations, which had the best professionals in this mode in the Catalan Pyrenees and in all Spain, between 1988 and 1994.

-Local government advisor “La Generalitat”on High Mountain sports in 1992.

-First Guide in Spain titled as White Water Monitor of the Spanish Canoeing Federation (FEP) in 1993 and for the National School of Trainers (ENEP) in 1994.

-Technical and human Coordinator formed by five Guides, participator in the creation and development in 1991 of Yeti Emotions in Llavorsi (Lérida).

-Responsible for creating Rafting teams at the level of international competition.

-Coordinator and advisor of first Raiver in High Pyrenees.

-Logistical coordinator of the first Pirena, crossing the Pyrenees from East to West with Sled Dogs.

Personal Trajectory

-Since 2013, he has been spiritual director of Traditional Spiritual Centres of Spanish Buddhism (CETBE) and promoter of the Arya Siddhi Centres. This was after suffering injustices from the authorities of the Government of India, who imprisoned him for not being registered, forcing him to sign documents for false arrest.

-After his return to Spain in 2010, he has taught Introduction to Meditation courses, given Reiki initiations and organized various Alchemy workshops in different parts of Spain and Portugal. He is also author of several books, such as “Prodigios de los Yoguis de Birmania” (a work that he first wrote in English under the title “Wonders of Mebegon Village”), the “Manual of Introduction to Meditation”, “Buddhist Alchemy” and “Manual of Reiki”. He also recently completed the work “Basic Abhidharma” and “The Light of Mebegon” whose work will in Castilian and English under the title "Reflections". However, their activities were delayed until 2015, after suffering several attacks on his person, which was recovered in the Granada Alpujarra for more than a year of retirement, without food or accommodation.

-During his stay in India and the monastic life after leaving a year earlier, in 2009 he founded the Trikaya Association, a non-profit religious Buddhist organisation (registered with the Ministry of Interior G65397036), which he has chaired since its inception.

-In 1999 he was ordained a monk of the Theravada school by Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma in Burma, where he lived until 2004. In the next rainy season, after his ordination, while transcribing the Abhidhamma Sangaha under the instructions and teachings of Ven. Dr Nanda Mala, he had a huge mental flash of the mind which made him to died for 10 minutes in the very monastery where Ven. Dr Nanda Mala resides. After the Myanmar Constitution was written in in 2004 at the same time or in one month apart, four of the great Burmese Buddhist teachers and friends of Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa left their bodies. First there was the Sayadaw (religious teacher)

Colon resident in Pindaya region, the Sayadaw Tamaña was resident in the region of Mon. Then came the Ven. director and founder of the International School in Meyangon Vipasana of the city of Yangon, and Dr. Rewata Dhamma who left his body in the Vihara established in Birmingham, England at the request of His Holiness the Sixteenth Karmapa Rangjung Rigpe Dorje.

-April 25, 1996, he was ordained monk of the Vajrayana School by Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche in the Samye Ling monastery in Scotland. The ordination took place after a walking tour of Ireland, which ceased in 1994 after the signing of peace in Northern Ireland. There was also the move by land across England and France before the Good News of his desire to become ordained as a Buddhist monk and to receive the blessings from his parents.

-Later he became a Teacher and gave lessons (2004-5) in countries such as Nepal and Thailand during visits in the first decade of the millennium, in different hostile circumstances of the country itself, Myanmar and India, a country where he settled in 2007 and where he remained until 2010.

Incident in Indiafotokunsal

Since 2007, after completing the traditional Tibetan retreat in Sikkim, following the request of several of his teachers, who urged him to give teachings, the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa settled in the Indian town of Puttaparthi (Andhra Pradesh state). This is the location of the Ashram of Avatar Sri Sathya Sai Baba, who left his body on April 24, 2011 (day of Resurrection), two months after Saya Kunsal Kassapa returned to Spain.

Two years after his arrival in Puttaparthi, when Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa was preparing to travel to Thailand to meet some friends and patrons, the Bangalore airport authorities prevented him from leaving the country. Days later, he was arrested and subsequently jailed for a total of 36 days, two periods of 18 days in the Central Prison in Hyderabad. The incident occurred because he was not "registered" in Puttaparthi within the time allowed by that country's immigration laws. This event precipitated the release of many international prisoners who were in different Indian jails.

His arrest was condemned by many lawyers and Indian media as his passport and 5-year student visa were in force until 2011 and the failure to have been enumerated did not seem to be a sufficient reason for his imprisonment on two separate occasions, for a period of eighteen days each. Nevertheless, the legal process took more than a year, a period during which Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa had his passport confiscated and had his freedom of movement outside Puttaparthi restricted, except for his regular appearances in the Court of Penukonda.

Throughout this period, the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa was aided by lawyers from the Vicente Ferrer Foundation (Vicente Ferrer’s death coincided with Saya’s second stay in jail) and by members of the Embassy of Spain in India.

In 2010, the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa received the passport at the same time taking place in the sixth year of Mahamudra course taught at Sherab Ling Monastery, located next to Dharamsala, India, by the XII Tai Situpa, one of his mentors. However, although Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa had thus lifting system to the course in previous years, this time, the Indian government denied him the chance to go in person. Nevertheless, he did have the opportunity to meet Vicente Ferrer's widow, Ana, who expressed their desire to support the projects developed by the Association Trikaya, currently promoted from the Traditional Spiritual Centres of Buddhism Spanish (CETBE).

Finally, the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa obtained exit permission to leave India, from where he travelled to Myanmar, Thailand and finally to Spain, where he has been residing from 2010 to 2015. At the end of the legal case, the Indian Government amended the law in force regarding foreigners in similar cases. Just as in Spain, the possibility of a reform of the constitution has been contemplated for the first time.

After more than twenty years of residence outside Spain and Asia as a Buddhist monk of the Theravada and Vajrayana traditions, upon arrival in Spain he moved to San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the community of Madrid. He lived in this village at the well-known “Doctors’ House, built a hundred years later than the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial. Here he wrote three works whose cost is not related to their content and transmission of different teachings transmitted orally, literally and instructions. These are presented in three manuscripts in Spanish as "Introdución a la  Meditación", "Manual de Reiki" and "Alquimia Budista" and went on sale as "Prodigios  de los Yogis  de Birmania" in Spanish and English as “Wonders of Mebegon Village” all dating from over 2,500 years ago to this day. Some Philip II coins reached his hands that were found in the American coast and which not only were never legal tender but also were on trial for their power over the same five years in American courts.

Today the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa is allowed entry to India, where His Holiness the XVII Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje continues to reside. This was one of his main mentors in the Tibetan exile in India from the age of 14. Thus, the Ven. Saya remains committed to his work in that country, where the month of June 2013 several bombings took place in the town of Bodhgaya - as well as in Myanmar, where over of the years he worked in the construction and putting into action of a hospital of Ophthalmology and General Medicine, of several water wells and the establishment of the Traditional Medicine Hospital of Myanmar. Along with this, he has also participated in the construction of various monasteries and pagodas in countries like Scotland, England, Myanmar, India, Thailand and Spain.

Work in Spain

It should be mentioned that since he got back to Spain, the founder and president of the Trikaya Association has organized several exhibitions of the sacred relics of the Buddha and of some of his most prominent disciples, relics that are part of the heritage of Trikaya and that were handed down, over the years, by some of the most outstanding teachers of Buddhism from several countries.

Since his arrival in 2010 and after his stay in San Lorenzo de El Escorial and visiting Catalonia on three different occasions apart from his return in 2010 directly to Catalonia, in June 2011 he moved and visited the Norte Leridetano locations. In that time area the area where he was living and working as a river and mountain Guide which I attended in the years before the death of renowned mentalist and hypnotist Josep Mir Rocafort, son of Sort of the Pallars Sobira.

Before leaving Catalonia in January 2013 I spent winter in the Bisbal at Catalonia. My arrival coincided with the opening of the Ave railroad, used by the president of the Generalitat and the Spanish government and King Philip VI before being crowned. We might note that the Ave company for execution took place in 1988 with the arrival of Reiki to the peninsula, and the work of Saya Kunsal Kassapa "Reiki Manual" was published in the same year of the inauguration of the Ave in October 2012.

That same year the relics of the founder of Buddhism, the Buddha Gautama were shown for a second time. This was presented together with some of the relics of his most prominent disciples too, throughout the month of December 2012 and beginning of January 2013 in the Bisbal, Gerona. Relics that were handed over to Ven. Kassapa Kunsal Saya who died later after ten minutes in October 1999 in the city of Sagaing, Myanmar and delivered by some of the Ven. Monks and teachers, relics that were deposited in Granollers and Sant Andreu de Llavaneras for a period of 12 years since the very beginning of the third millennium.

After his first visit to Catalonia and return to Spain, a month after his return to Catalonia coincided with the first visit of His Holiness Benedict XVI of the Diocesan order to Barcelona.

If you mention the first and only time that I greeted His Holiness Benedict XVI in charge of the Diocesan order of the Vatican of Rome. He was in his second visit to Spain to San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the year 2011 where he lived the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa, which this on his return to Italy after passing through another country of the cargo and leave the headquarters to devote to oration and contemplation.

In that same year of 2013, before reaching Andalucia, Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa received aggression in the town of Ondara, Pedreguer for which he made a complaint of aggression suffered before being able to go to pay respects to His Holiness Sakya Trenzing, spiritual head of the Sakya lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and head of the International Institute of Buddhist Studies of Pedreguer, Alicante. Here, the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa was brutally assaulted and robbed by a Rumanian citizen while accompanying a young couple with whom he had become involved in the construction of the Institute of Buddhist Studies and whose function was unknown to them, as told by them. They were surprised to meet again the next morning with the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa after seven hours of hospitalization and make sure that such aggression had not fractured any bones and that the blood caused by the bleeding had not touched the clothes of Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa but it stained all those bystanders trying to stop the aggressor.

To emphasize the death and the realization of the body of light knonw as Clear Ligh or Rainbow Body taken by the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa in one of the meditations in the town of Sant Andreu of Llavaneras before the relics of Gautama Buddha himself and the Ven. Sariputta and Ven. Mogallana in the year 2012, and today provides answers as well as the faintness in Puerto de Santa María at the Rocio during the fairs held in April 1986 when his parents approached the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa to greet him.

To discuss the experience he had to live without representing in time and space the recuperation of the body assaulted in Ondara, when in Jumilla, Murcia after receiving the award of a farm for the divulgation of the lessons taught by the Trikaya Association, whose residents, regardless of owners in Switzerland and Valladolid, gave the estate for over of the first exposition of the relics of the Buddha and his disciple from 24 of December 2011 to 6 January 2012 in the city of Murcia. They both offered the property for sale and had on at the house an arm, that soon was discovered by the same Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa shut the house and the activities for that year, not before residing in Jumilla for a few months in a house in the town recovering from the aggression suffered in April.

What I do want to speak about is the town of Orgiva, Granada where the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa came in June 2013 to recover after the aggression suffered, which took him over five months in order to re-write and read and over two years to the motor body and where this first priority theme for treatment, installed in the community known as beneficio for the last 28 years after its establishment, the community in which a host of indignities suffered by part of a group that, in the XXI century, did not have any notion of the community spirit. This community has been mired in chaos housed by the humanitarian spirit in the inhabitants living in the beginning of the same and in which finally a school for children was established in 2015.

Upon his arrival at the community of Beneficio, the community of Tipis created in the very dates of the rebirth  of the Ven. Thubten Yeshe, the Ven Jose Osal Hita and the visit to the Mulhacen by the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa at the age of 12 with the Centro Excursionista of Granollers, he discovered that weeks previously a German citizen had died, committed suicide, and that the comunity suffered the pressure from the Junta of Andalucía, which almost every day harassed the inhabitants of the community in that place in relation to the laws of camping.

From his arrival in Andalucía the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa found patronage in the town of Cañar, that sustains the same community of Beneficio located in the Alpujarra of Granada, the mountain range from where efforts are concentrated in the Traditional Spiritual Centres of Spanish Buddhism and the divulgation of the teachings of Buddha and His Holiness the XVII Karmapa Ogyen Trinely Dorje and the promoting of the Arya Siddhi Centres.

On his arrival one of the members of the community offered the Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa a tent in which to accommodate himself during his stay. Also the recent father of a Czech family offered to put him up in his home in the same community after giving birth to their 3rd daughter in their own house in Beneficio, a house he demolished after pressure from environmental agents once his wife had given birth.

After a month, the tent disappeared, leaving the Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa alone with his rucksack in the middle of the so-called “field of healing.” This meant his having to ask someone to keep his rucksack the time necessary for him to get a new tent or build a dwelling in the allowed place where he could meditate and recuperate from what he had suffered.

The nasty surprise was to get a broken rib, an aggression prompted by the same person who volunteered to monitor picking up the rucksack months. This man, a Japanese citizen, broke the rib when he stooped to pick up the rucksack and opened his head, receiving in return not a blow "I contained myself and could not offer what he was asking for - a blow in return to satiate his rage and I just offered my eyes "Even today I am fully satisfied of not having reacted in the same way and with unjust violence, in memory and learning of my masters have served for years."

Before of the incident mentioned above, the same day 1 of June was deciding its registration in Cañar to facilitate the development of the activities of the Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa and the Trikaya Association, which he chairs and through the teachings of several different and various activities and publications, registration of residency took place the same day.

Before this we might point out the auspicious circumstances created after leaving the community of Beneficio after it was surrounded by fire. Crossing, fully awake, the intermediate state of life and death (known as Bardo in the Tibetan Buddhism), at the Baraka cafe in the town of Orgiva in November 2013, was a noteworthy event and difficult to achieve. It also makes of the Town of Orgiva a site of peregrination, as well as the auspicious circumstances of two subsequent deaths in the same town at the beginning of 2014 and two more deaths on two separate occasions when the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa visited the city Granada in November 2014.

At this point, I would not want it to be forgotten that when I still had the tent in the field of healing, some officials came from the Department of Environment of Andalucía accompanied by members of the Civil Guard, who at the request of one of its members asked me my data and documentation. I was being interrogated in the path parallel to the forest of eucalyptus of the community. After I provided the items requested the forester rebuked me and threatened that the next time he saw me camped I would get a fine.

After all these adverse circumstances I was finally able to build a cabin two meters square near of where a child was born in the month of April. To be precise this was in the field of Lila, whose parents allowed me to use the place. Not only did I build this place near the mountains, covered with pines to spend the winter and recover from the aggression suffered in Ondara, in which I mentioned earlier and for which I made a legal denunciation, but I was also physically able to participate and cooperate in the work of cleaning the eucalyptus forest and property of the community itself. Above this forest used to be stationed some yurts and even today there is a cave excavated by an Israeli in the same mountain, a privileged place for the construction of a Pagoda / Stupa. This Pagoda was erected in 2013 on the land where the community of Beneficio is settled. In this regard, "I appreciate the unrelenting collaboration of volunteers in the construction of the pagoda, and that the members of the same community deposited some of their most valuable possessions within it." Still, to everyone’s shock, a week later this creation in stone was desecrated for no reason.

Since 2013 the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa resides in the Alpujarra of Granada, where he concentrates his efforts in establishing the Traditional Spiritual Centres of Spanish Buddhism of and to promote of the Arya Siddhi Centres.

Among his teachers are the Tibetan Masters Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche XII (who addressed the Lama Burmese amicably and who has received monastic ordination, the Bodhisattva, the Kagyu transmissions, the transmissions of Kagyu Ngakzod and Kagyu Dham Ngakzod and the transmissions of Mahamudra "Ocean of certainty" of the ninth Karmapa Wangchuk Dorje 1556-1603). His Eminence Gyalsab Rinpoche (from whom he received his Yidam and the Kagyu transmissions Kagyu Ngakzod and Kagyu Dham Ngaksok). His Holiness the XVII Karmapa Urgyen Trinley Dorje (under whose tutelage he was since the arrival of His Holiness to India at the age of 14 in the year 2000 as well as the known Burmese Masters Dr Rewata Dhamma (from whom he received his second ordination, a Dhatlon, and the Theravada transmission), and the Sayadaw (religious teacher) Sanathar (who also received a Dhatlon and the Theravada transmission).

Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa has been one of the main coordinators of the Aungtawmu Monastery, located in the village of Mebegon, Mandalay, Myanmar, next to the Sayadaw Thaungtha and Dr. Sein Yi. With fluent Catalan, Castellano, English and Burmese, knowledgeable of the Tibetan language and Pali, he has built and rebuilt some monasteries, also participating in the establishment of thirty Pagodas / Stupas. In the course of the years, out of his periods of withdrawal, he has been working well with Western and Asian people in Myanmar, Thailand, India, Portugal and Spain, helping to establish the Arya Siddhi Centres and Centres of the Dharma. He is also the author of seven books in Castellano four of them published and all translated into English, and is a promoter of the preservation of the Tibetan and Burmese manuscripts. He has worked tirelessly to promote projects with humanitarian ends and an ecumenical dialogue between different religions.

I should also point out and let you know that the pagoda built at community of Beneficio at the Alpujarra of Granada it contained a relic of the Ven. Sariputta, one of the main disciples of the Buddha Gautama, the fourth of this era and legacy of the same Trikaya Association itself, led and founded by the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa. It also contained some objects of high value from the oldest members of the community, and it was agreed that in a period of five years, the main stone structure located in the forest of eucalyptus and near the cave, should be expanded. Despite this, and as its construction has been carried out, undoubtedly today the place in the community of Beneficio in Orgiva where was stood the Pagoda Aung sige being one of supply shelter and welfare for humanity, being this Pagoda Aung created and dissolved in the year 2013 as the mandala it self.

Shortly after completion of the Pagoda Aung in to the round of the community there was arson, so some of its members for no reason blamed Saya Kunsal Kassapa himself. After not having been successful this first inculpation they also accused him and blasphemed with various insults against his person during more than a year, to the point at which even the Local Civil Guard went looking for him a few days after he left the community of Beneficio after an attempted lynching by five of its inhabitants. Meanwhile he was recovering from the broken rib, the injury caused by the Japanese citizen living in the same community. After the unjust complaint filed by three officers of the Civil Guard and of an English man citizen and one Spanish lady citizen, the Ven. Saya Kunasl Kassapa was found retained in Andalucia. He was unable to travel to appear before the tribunal, which filed the case after one year. Most egregious was the way the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa received the reading of a few facts that occurred not only in the redaction and highlight the violation of the human rights suffered by it the second time for the same case that he was charged. The Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa resided in the Alpujarra of Granada from October 2013 until June 2014, when the case was closed and stayed closed thanks to her Excellency Madam Judge of the Court of Orgiva.

While he was recovering from all the assaults of the past seven years and the fire itself, as he was leaving the community, in both circumstances belongings were stolen from him: the rucksack and things in the very room he built such as clothes, shoes, books, photographs of his teachers and tools.

Also, do not forget that Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa was hit in the heart in the village of Cañar in 2013, after a punch in the chest caused by one of its inhabitants in the square, demonstrating a total lack of humanity, when Saya was simply looking for a blank sheet of paper in the town hall. Just like the heinous murder that occurred on 8 October 2013 of one of his teachers and tutor the Ven. Dr. Akong Tulku Rinpoche, founder and president of the first Buddhist monastery in Europe and of the Rokpa association. These dates coincide with the arson in the community of Beneficio where the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa was staying.

These events that caused the Ven. Saya seated in a ruin destroyed in the Alpujarras of Granada in a property of one of the inhabitants of the town of Lanjaron who was found dead after falling down a ravine which bears the same name as the river and the town, on being pushed by the wind at the age of 80. The property was donated by his children without writing any document and which was erroneously recorded in the land registry on behalf of the Vinagre family of Lanjaron who are knowledgeable of the establishment of the Temple Aung in the former home of Lauredino, a son of Lanjaron and a property where the Ven Kassapa Kunsal Saya raised and established the Temple Aung as a resident from 27 of October 2013. Stressing that the inability and power of the acting mayor over the years 2013-14-15. Yet since his arrival in Lanjaron he has been abused in the treatment towards his person by an illiterate shepherd who the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa lent his service and from whom he received a blow on the head with a stone weighing than a kilo. This aggression was prompted in January 2014 by the same shepherd, who also on another occasion assaulted the Ven. Saya Kunsal Kassapa in the arm with a stone - also in the same year. These are facts that Saya Kunsal Kassapa omitted to denounce but not before notifying the local authorities such as the local police and Mayor of the town of Lanjaron, who at this time did not make any action because of the complaint.

However it should be noted that many of you, who recived the news of suffered unfairly and without argument the kind of attacks suffered by the Ven. Saya must be aware of the true essence of each one of you and all of you who received the news during a corrupt society with corrupt values which brought to light the degeneration of the leaders between the years 2010 and 2015. From this the Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa informed his disciples of the achievements made, and only to remark on the spiritual path through the reading of some of their great works or to the practices followed by the disciples themselves, remaining always in the Dharma, in the doctrine that leads to the eradication of suffering and to the realization of the true noble being, known as a real being in the world.

Teachings that are going to be presented to you all in this same work "Reflections" or in the work on the "immaterial states" and according to which one must not only be knowledgeable of different practices but also of their implementation in one’s own life for the benefit of oneself, just as for the benefit of humanity and all sentient beings.

These are teachings that can only be transmitted from teacher to student. Their transfer enhances the Bodhisattva vows, in addition to the cultivation of the perfections which indisputably enhance the person in an arduous journey, one which must above all provide the armour of patience and value and the Bodhicitta aspiration.

May all beings be happy and have the circumstances for happiness

Spanish Master Healer

Saya Kassapa Kunsal

Spiritual Director of the CETBE

This short biography was compiled and written in the Sufist Dergah of Orgiva, the Naqshbandi Home and Maulansa's Hostel during the dates coinciding with the first year of the celebration of the death of Sheikh Nazim after he left his body in Cyprus at the age of 94 years. It was also after the first visit of his son Chaekh Mahmat Adil to the same Dergah of Orgiva, Granada on 1 April 2014 after his first visit to Spain, where he met Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa and subsequently with the visit of the American translator Hubert who has been working with the texts of Rumi dated from the fourteenth century and who visited the Dergah of Orgiva, Granada in the same dates and then, while he was collecting and writing the data presented here, suffered the aggression in two separate occasions of one of the practitioners who did not go to the Derg in years and who visited the Derg during the stay of the Saya Kunsal Kassapa and this in both times try to burn the holy scriptures of the Coran and assaulted the Saya Kunsal Kassapa with a spray in the eyes, showing the Saya Kunsal Kassapa as the managers of the Derga presented to the authorities after the aggression.

Add the development on the peninsula the following five years of my return in particular the impossibility of managing some paperwork at the rate of the last mayors of the community of Madrid, as well as the recently change in the Andalusian character and the development of Andalusia who together with Catalonia today offers of several Centres for the study and practice of the teaching Buddha Dharma and between the site of the Temple Aung of Lanjaron which contains one of the most valuable and historic relics of Buddhism and has been the shelter of the Ven Saya Kunsal Kassapa over the last two years.

Also to remark my deep apreciation to my good friend and student, the profesor in literature Dr. Keith Richards for his task in to correct and to review thoroughly for the english and spanish readers the first text of the biography here presented.

Saya Kunsal Kassapa was born Joan Martínez Montsant in Granollers (Barcelona) in 1968. Ever since his birth, astrologers couldn’t believe what they saw reflected in his astral chart and for years just lingered, erroneously, on what might happen.