The Gankyil or “wheel of bliss”, logo of Trikaya, it is a symbol that represents the unity and the indivisibility of all the teachings relating to Dharma and its propagation, and it does refers to the primordial universal energy, that it is internally realized after the absolute purification of the mind and after the transmutation of the mind into a pure clarity.   Therefore the three sections that conform the Gankyil are identify with the three bodies of Buddha (Trikaya), express through the body, the speech and the mind, axis of the “wheel of bliss”, that finally, after the comprehension of emptiness, are melt in the process of enlightenment. In this way, these three elements are bound with the three manifested aspects of the primordial energy: the aspect of the external and individual expression of this energy as the apparent universe (Nirmanakaya), the aspect of the materiality of the thought (Sambhogakaya) and the aspect of the infinitude and of the formless (Dharmakaya). Subsequently, the Gankyil embodies the mystic secret of the definitive resolution of the mental duality and therefore of the multiplicity inherent in the primordial unity.